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For anyone using 2-Dimensional Computer Aided Design (2D CAD) it is important to have the core skills required to be able to use 2D CAD software to its full potential and to be able to demonstrate those skills to employers and potential employers.

ECDL for 2D Computer Aided Design offers candidates the opportunity to certify their core 2D CAD skills to an international standard.

ECDL 2D CAD forms part of the pool of the Standard modules.


What is it?

ECDL CAD is the leading independent international standard for core skills in 2D computer-aided design.

The latest syllabus 1.5 updates the certification in line with current industry trends in 2D CAD. This allows us to offer the market the most comprehensive, current and streamlined 2D CAD core skills certification available.


Who is ECDL CAD for?

CAD is for students and professionals seeking an internationally recognised qualification to certify their current core CAD skills. This certification can provide the basis towards further studies or professional development in a CAD related field.
CAD certifies that an individual who has successfully completed the qualification has the skills and knowledge to use the standard software and features of most CAD applications.


Benefits of ECDL CAD

 What are the benefits for you?

  1. Comprehensive Syllabus in 2D CAD core skills
  2. Developed in consultation with CAD professionals and leading industry experts
  3. Challenging, rigorous content in user-friendly format
  4. Certification designed for modern end-user requirements
  5. Streamlined testing procedure - testing done in just one hour
  6. Independent, internationally recognised qualification
  7. Backed by the reputation of ECDL Foundation


What are the benefits for Employers?

  1. Establishes a tangible benchmark in 2D CAD skills
  2. Certifies international best-practice in 2D CAD skills
  3. Ensures consistent levels of 2D CAD ability among workforce
  4. Reduces time wasted through lack of 2D CAD knowledge
  5. Increases productivity


How does the CAD programme work?

Candidates registering to sit for the CAD test are assigned an ECDL Candidate Registration Number. Candidates in possession of an ECDL Candidate Registration Number will make use of the same number for the CAD test. Holders of ECDL Start, Core, Image Editing, Web Editing, Advanced or Expert certificate will be assigned the ECDL Candidate Registration Number at no cost. New ECDL candidates will need to purchase the ECDL Candidate Registration Number (that includes one printed certificate).



  • The CAD test is undertaken at the computer at an accredited ECDL Test Centre. Candidates are provided with a test paper that contains a set of questions. Candidates work through these questions on the computer.
  • The duration of the test is 60 minutes. No books or other help may be used during the test.
  • The test is marked externally by ECDL Malta.
  • The pass mark is set to be 75%.
  • Candidates failing a CAD test are allowed to retake the test at the same Test Centre. Candidates are encouraged to attempt the sample test papers before taking the test.
  • Candidates who are not satisfied with the assessment process of their CAD test are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Test Centre. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of these discussions, they are encouraged to send an email/letter to ECDL Malta explaining their concerns. A fee will be charged for revision of tests.

Syllabus & Sample Tests

The CAD Syllabus is available in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files on your system.

In order to download the CAD sample test files to your PC, do the following:

  1. Select the CAD sample test link provided below.
  2. In the dialogue box that appears, select "Open this file from its current location".
  3. In the dialogue box that appears, select the required path to extract files to(e.g. C:/My Documents).
  4. This will extract all the files into the chosen folder above (you may require a compressed folder extraction tool e.g. jZip)
  5. In this folder, open the files and follow instructions.

CAD Sample Test Paper



Candidates can request a certificate for successfully completing the ECDL CAD test. Fees may be applicable to issue the certificate. The certificate will NOT be issued immediately by the Test Centre. ECDL Malta will issue the certificate and pass this on to the Test Centre where the test was held. Candidates will collect the certificate from the Test Centre where they sat for their test.