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The European Computer Driving Licence Advanced (ECDLA) is a higher-level programme that builds on the skills covered in the ECDL Standard qualification.

ECDL Advanced is the logical progression for Candidates who have achieved the ECDL Standard certificate and who wish to further enhance their ICT skills and to demonstrate their competence in using a computer at a higher level.

The ECDL Advanced programme consists of four modules:


  • AM3 Word Processing - This module requires Candidates to produce advanced word processing outputs, illustrating sophisticated typographical, formatting and layout presentations, including tables, forms and graphics. Candidates will be required to use tools like macros and advanced mail merge options within the word processing application.
  • AM4 Spreadsheets - This module requires Candidates to edit and enhance numeric, text and graphical data, and to sort, query and link data. Candidates will be expected to use logical, statistical and mathematical functions. Ability to use analysis and audit tools is required, as is the ability to record and run macros.
  • AM5 Database - This module requires Candidates to use the database to organise, extract, view and report on data using advanced data management skills. Candidates will understand the variety of ways that data can be related and organised, and to import, export and link data.
  • AM6 Presentation - This module is a high-level certification programme for candidates who wish to create effective, high-impact presentations using advanced features and who need to be able to prove their skills in this area. The programme covers advanced presentation features that will allow candidates to use the presentation application to its full potential, and to plan and design more effective presentations that have greater impact and that will better engage and involve an audience.

The ECDL Advanced modules give Candidates the opportunity to become expert in the use of these applications, acquiring skills sets over and above the routine features of the software.

Benefits of ECDL Advanced

ECDL Advanced Candidates can demonstrate that they are:

  • Organised and efficient
  • More productive
  • Capable of confidently exploiting the full potential of the applications
  • Expert at producing attractive, professional-quality outputs

The ECDL Advanced qualification is:

  • Internationally-recognised
  • A demonstration of certified advanced skills
  • Backed by the reputation of the ECDL certification

How does the ECDL Advanced programme work?

Each Advanced module has been designed as a stand-alone certification in each respective area and candidates who successfully complete a module will be certified as advanced users in that application.


Candidates registering to sit for ECDL Advanced test/s are assigned an ECDL Candidate Registration Number. Candidates in possession of an ECDL Candidate Registration Number will make use of the same number for Advanced tests. Holders of ECDL Start, Core, Image Editing, Web Editing or 2D CAD certificate will be assigned the ECDL Candidate Registration Number at no cost. New ECDL candidates will need to purchase the ECDL Candidate Registration Number (that includes one printed certificate).


ECDL Candidate Registration Numbers are purchased from any accredited ECDL Test Centre. Only an accredited Test Centre can issue ECDL Candidate Registration Numbers and carry out ECDL testing. Test Centres are approved and monitored by ECDL Malta.



Each ECDL Advanced module follows a standard syllabus. The syllabi have been developed with inputs from the ECDL Foundation expert working groups and through consultation with courseware providers and end-users.

The ECDL Advanced Syllabi V2.0 are available in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files on your system.



Candidates can request a certificate for one or more successfully completed Advanced test. Each certificate will be issued at a cost. However, candidates who successfully complete all four (4) Advanced tests will be awarded the ECDL Expert Certificate at no cost. The Expert Certificate is referenced to Level Four of the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning ...more information.

Certificates will NOT be issued immediately by the Test Centre. ECDL Malta will issue the certificate and pass this on to the Test Centre where the test was held. Candidates will collect the certificate from the Test Centre where they had sat for the test.


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