Welcome to Gozo Minor Seminary

Class Policies

  • Each Student is expected to wear his full and clean uniform.
  • Each student is responsible to keep his class tidy.
  • Students are not allowed eat or drink during lessons.
  • Each student is held responsible for the items given to him on loan: the desk, the chair, the locker and the library books.
  • Each student is held responsible for his own personal belongings.
  • No student can leave his classroom without permission of a member of the teaching or administrative staff.
  • During breaks the students are expected to go to their respective playing grounds and no loitering is permitted in the classrooms or in the corridors during the breaks.
  • Each student is expected to do all homeworks or projects assigned to him by the teachers, and is expected to deliver his homeworks and projects to the respective teachers on time.
  • Each student is expected to pay attention during lessons and any kind of disruption during lessons is strictly not permitted.
  • Each student is expected to show respect and obey all the members of the staff.