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Insight Coop – A Cooperative Experience

Insight Coop is a student’s cooperative at the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary. It was first established at our school by Mrs. Irene Meilak in 2007, as part of the ‘Scoops’ initiative. In 2008, Insight Coop became an independent organization, however keeping the same principles of the Scoops initiative. Presently, teachers Mrs Jezabel Hili, and Ms Josianne Bugeja are the teacher-managers responsible for the organization. Members are around 10, with Joseph Masini (4Y) as president, Mark Anthony Cremona (4W) as vice President, and Joseph Muscat (4W)as Production Manager.  The following is an overview of Insight Coop...

What’s a Cooperative?

A cooperative is an organisation, where decisions are taken with unanimous consensus from all members. In other words, in a cooperative, each and every decision has to be agreed on by everyone! Being part of a cooperative gives you some rights not available in all organizations. Some of them are:

  • You are free to speak at anytime without hesitation.
  • You are guaranteed that your ideas will be given consideration.
  • Your ideas may become our ideas.

What’s in it for us students?

A cooperative, especially one like Insight Coop helps its members in various ways, but mainly by providing a direct hands-on experience and a lot of useful skills. Some of these are:

  • Having the chance to create or invent something to be made and sold as a part of our coop;
  • Providing a hands-on experience, as well as many necessary skills related to accounting and business, with a direct experience of book keeping, organization accounts and price management;
  • An experience of business management techniques, such as decision making;
  • Marketing skills such as choosing the right words, design and text.